UltraViolet Uforia

 Steve and Michael were always doing something musical from the time they became friends in the late 70's. Steve's family had a piano and Steve had taken piano lessons, while Michael's family had an organ, but he had no formal keyboard training. Getting to know Pink Floyd was their main goal at this time in life.

By the early 80's New Wave hit with bands like Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The Human League and Thomas Dolby to name a few. Michael was turning Steve on to these electronic & techno/industrial synth pop dance bands, having already discovered ambient electronic music like Jean Michel Jarre, and Vangelis back in the 70's, the two were excited by the possibilities of the new electronic acts and were eager to explore the edgier groups like The Cure and even Bauhaus.

Steve and Michael shared an apartment in the mid 80's where using pots and pans and glasses filled with water to achieve their own weird brand of music was how it all began for them, whether they knew it at the time or not. Using a 4 track tape machine to record songs, they put together their very first recording called Aftermath (Unreleased). This was mostly produced using a Casio keyboard and guitars.

At some point they had acquired the use of an Arp 2600 from which a couple of spectacular pieces were produced. (Unreleased)

A few years later they would again come together in a house in Ballard where Steve was doing sound for a band giving them access to use the studio the band had put together in the basement of this wonderful old three story house. Again a few songs were put down that have never been officially released, but mark the beginnings of uVu's endeavors into electronic music. Using a Casio sampler and a digital delay produced some remarkable results, becoming the catapult for the future.

Time and space would once again bring the two finally formally together in 1994 to begin creating a more traditional type of rock band, finding cover songs to play but always with a goal of promoting original music as they worked on composing new material. While some of the covers were from electronic  type bands that they liked, most would still be played in traditional rock format. While the covers are mostly gone now they still can't resist paying homage to their favorite bands Grateful Dead & Pink Floyd, but with distinctive electronic representations.

Since the break up of the old band Steve and Michael have been hard at work adding new equipment and creating & recording new songs. Steve is excited now to have stereo amps to run his guitar pedal with giving him some really exciting sounds, this in turn is inspiring him to play even better than ever before. Keyboards are in his lineup as well making it possible for Steve to add melodies from another aspect allowing him to take uVu to a completely new realm. Michael has two new keyboards and a drum machine propelling him to become a mix master of rhythms and beats. With the added use of virtual synths at his fingertips he is able to create atmospheres and beatscapes that take the band to other dimensions

When they are not lost in a jam which tends to happen, most of their time these days is spent programming and practicing material for new sets as they begin to get ready to play out again. - 2013